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What is a Payment Gateway?

The best way to explain what a payment gateway is, is to compare it to a car. In every car there is an engine, that makes the wheels rotate, simply put and this is what the gateway does for your website in connections with an acquirer and local payment methods.

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Benefits of a Payment Gateway

Dennis at purepay was very helpful and… Dennis at purepay was very helpful and is continually being a great help. Would highly recommend.




Most common questions in regards to a payment gateway
It is very easy and it is instant, all you have to do it click here. After this is done, you will be able to login again.
We have a very simple and fast setup for this via our hosted payment form solution.
We support many local payment methods which can be used to increase your revenue and help your customers pay easier.
Yes, we support server2server which enables you to build your own form, but this requires you to be PCI compliant.
We support 20+ plugins and systems, so we should be able to support your as well. You can see most of the list here
Tought answer but shouldn´t be if you use our hosted solutions whether it is a plugin like wordpress or our payment page.

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