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We´ve made an overview for you to see which documentations are needed for you, as well as what is needed if you´re in a specific industry. The overview also shows what is required from your website, so you know what to look at before getting ready to apply with us.


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Our Requirements

Here we will list our generic requirements of documents, website details and more needed to gain an approval. Remember not everything abide to all business models.

Company Requirements

Certificate of incorporation as issued by company registrar

Memorandum and articles of association for the merchant issued by company registrar

Certificates listing company directors, current shareholders and registered address issued by company registrar

Copies of passports for all directors, beneficial owners and authorised signatories signing documents on behalf of company in color

Utility bill for all directors, owners and authorised signers (Can’t be mobile, landline, internet or TV invoices but can be a bank statement showing address and name)

Proof of Domain

Last three months of company bank statement

Local representation (Local employee/director/owner in the country)

Industry Requirements

Supplier Agreements/Invoices (For psychical merchants)

Copy of operating license (For Crypto / Gambling)

Rental Agreement/Invoice for rent

Lab tests of all CBD products (Goes for website as well as having them on hand)

Processing statements or screenshots of current processing history showing last three to six months of sales, chargebacks and refunds with volumes and counts – If indications of chargebacks an explanation is required with a chargeback reduction plan.

If start-up, we would require a business plan and a cashflow forecast (Which we have examples for you here: Business Plan / Cashflow Forecast)

Sole Proprietors to show proof of this in form of legal registration document

PCI self assessment questionnaire

PCI scans done on the website from a PCI approved distributor (If direct integration is needed)

Website Requirements

Active Customer Service Phone Number (Should be added to the footer or contact page)

Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Refund and Shipping Policies (Needs to be added in the footer))

SSL Secured Payment Page for online sales (All checkout pages))

Company name and address (Added to the footer))

Customer Service Email Address and/or Ticketing System)

Active Login Details to review member area (if you have a user back-end))

Need any help?

We´re here to help you if you require any assistance in regards to the documents, or otherwise. Contact us via the button below, and we will assist you !

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