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Pricing / Fees

Fees will be affected by various factors like processing history, method of sales, countries, sales volume and products. Hence, fees for every merchant will be unique. However, terms will remain same for most. Below is a list of fees involved.

Merchant Discount Rate

From 2.50%

Transaction Fee

From 0.15 EUR

Monthly Gateway Fee

From 49.95 EUR

Chargeback Fee

35 EUR

Refund Fee

0.30 EUR

Rolling Reserve

From 5-10%


Fasto is your best choice for cryptocurrency business.

Fasto provides the best support and always ready to help.

We understand your needs and business like no other and we will work above and beyond for you, and to get you the best terms. And we have the solutions you need.


Fasto offers payment processing in Europe, therefore the merchant has to have a European company plus fulfill requirements needed thereto which includes having European issued cryptocurrency license.

Alternatively, you can apply with legal opinion letter for each country where you want to sell. This is easy with Fasto, as we can assist you obtain legal opinion letters from Webshield.

Your merchant account will be categorized as 6051 MCC, which will help the payment processor(s) identify the transactions and implement the laws.



The only limitation is the need of Webshield legal opinion letter for the country where you wish to accept MasterCard.

Popular types of cryptocurrency: Crypto Exchange, Wallet, OCT, NFT. And these are estimated to grow 7.1% by 2026.

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Our Services

One-stop-shop for your online gambling business. Bespoke solutions for comfortable payment acceptance.

Payment Management

We take care of your payment processing while you focus on business growth. Stay connected and safe.

Personal Dashboard

One place to monitor and analyze your daily transactions - helping you to keep track of your business everyday.

Local Payment Methods

Accept cardless payment using multiple channels and currencies - delivering choices to your customers.

Business Tracking

Monthly reports to keep track of your business - keep check on business fall outs and growth.

Credit & Debit Card

Wide rage of cards acceptance covering all the popular card schemes worldwide, so you can sell without a worry.

Payment Gateway

One secure platform for all your payment services. And let us worry about integration and payment page.

Chargeback Prevention

Taking care of chargeback alerts, disputes and fraud - more revenue and less headache for you.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Accept cryptocurrecy payments from your customers - another solution to benefit your business.

Shopping Cart

Covering range of shopping carts from Shopify to Limelight - helping your business to attract more customers.

Cryptocurrency Merchant Acquiring

One of the first things needed for you as a merchant is to obtain a cryptocurrency merchant account, in order to process and bill your customers. This can be done locally or via a worldwide solution.

Different things like pricing and terms changes depending on whether or not it is a start-up or ongoing project which currently accepts payments on the website / app. When it comes to your business being a start-up, it will come with a rolling reserve of usually 10% and it will mean “bad” terms but we try to stay competitive and help you get started at cheapest possible costs.

If you want accept MasterCard on your store, you will need legal opinion letter for each country where you want to sell. With a European license, the terms and pricing will be more compelling. License can alternatively be replaced by legal opinion letter(s) which we can also assist to achieve.

Cryptocurrency Solutions

In order to serve a local or worldwide market-base, you need solutions and the first one as always will be credit card processing which contains Visa, Mastercard and depending on markets more. This is the standard choice for all as it is most well-known.

Local and Alternative payment methods is growing massively with some expecting more than 1000%+ growth over the next five years, again it depends on markets but a few of the ones we can mention there is SoFort, Crypto, Klarna, SEPA and many more.

The more solutions you have available at the checkout, the higher the conversion rate will be and the happier your customers will be to come back and spend again.

Cryptocurrency Risks

The main risks within the cryptocurrency industry are money-laundering, fraud and regulation. Cryptocurrencies could be used for money transfer between people colluding with one another and/or with the house.

Also included in the risk overview, there is the high probability for chargebacks due to losses from their customers but we have solutions to help prevent these.

One Click Checkout

Lastly yet most importantly, do not forget our one click checkout which will enhance the user experience as they will only need to type in their card informations once.

You can read more about it here

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